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Sick Pet Exams

Sick Pet Exams

When your pet is sick, it’s critical that you can visit your veterinarian right away. That’s why easyvet clinics allow walk-ins plus the ability to join a waitlist online. Sick pet exams are designed to focus on a particular issue or issues that are affecting your dog or cat. During these exams, our veterinarians will perform a wide variety of tests and diagnostics to help determine the underlying cause of your pet’s illness, which may or may not include a physical exam, blood work / blood testing, urine testing, fecal testing, and more.

If your pet is sick, walk-in or join our waitlist online so that your pet can see a veterinarian as quickly as possible.

How Sick Pet Exams Work

Sick pet exams at easyvet are quite comprehensive, more than what you may expect from other veterinarians. Our veterinary team will thoroughly assess your pet when they’re ill, determine the underlying cause, and build a custom treatment plan to get them feeling better faster. We pride ourselves on employing only the best of the best when it comes to our veterinarians.

During a sick pet exam, your veterinarian will go over your pet’s medical history and their current health status. After the underlying has been determined, your veterinarian will put together a custom treatment plan that will be tailored to your pet’s history and lifestyle. If necessary, we can prescribe medications that will help reduce your pet’s pain or swelling. At easyvet, you are always with your pet so you can hear and see everything that is happening during the exam. As always, any course of treatment will be discussed in full with you before any action is taken.

If there is a procedure that our clinic can not provide, we will be happy to refer to a great facility that can provide the needed specialty or emergency treatment. 

Common reasons your pet may need a sick pet exam:

  • My dog is throwing up
  • My dog is limping
  • My dog has a cut on their paw
  • My cat is acting lethargic
  • My dog has diarrhea
  • My dog or cat won’t eat
  • And many more
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